My deer

Ive been resurrecting some of my pics from a while ago to put up on 500px.

This was one of my favourites from when I got my first decent DSLR, 5 years ago!  Anyway it reached the highest pulse rating of all my pics on 500px so far, 94 and its sill in Popular now after its obligatory 10 pts reduction which they do after 24hrs on site.


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My poppies


I like simple pictures. I had a canvas wrap made of this one and it’s hanging in my kitchen.

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Inside time

Inside timeA textured image for view today.

In the studio I arranged these spare time pieces on a light blue background.   Ive found pale blue usually the best beneath textures, and  can take on a variety of effects, and shades.  This image reached Popular on 500px

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Book cover!

One of my images has just been published as a book cover. It’s from my portfolio with  Trevillion Images, a specialist agency serving the book publishing industry.  I shouldn’t moan that the designer has messed with the image a bit, a sale is a sale.

Trev book cover 1









Here is the original photograph










On Trevillion

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Don’t be scared

Halloween is on the way ….

Dont be scared

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Star gazing

The Lovell telescope in Cheshire, with some loving processing

Lovell Telescope Live


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500px before and after

I joined 500px, I’m not sure what to do with it but I’m building a small portfolio and see what happens.  I posted this pic today:

After processing

Skye Lunar AFTERL


Before processing

Skye Lunar BEFORE

In order to have a chance of being noticed you have to have an image which attracts immediate attention.  This seems to encourage overcooked images.  SO!! to join in the game I dug back into my archives and found a pretty flat image from a trip to Skye waiting to get the treatment.

The Trotterish ridge in Skye is a wonderfully evocative place, stunning geology and glorious light. And I caught none of it here!

So I overlaid another sky from the same trip,  souped up the light using overlay blend mode in Photoshop, and added a flare from Knoll Light Factory and ended up with the image ready for posting to 500px

What is 500px about?

They have  “likes” and “favourites” to encourage member’s intereaction with photo uploads, and a ranking system based on these and other factors (the algorithm is secret). You can see who is faving and liking and the effect on the rank of the picture in realtime.  The object of the excercise to to get you pic noticed and if possible into Popular which is to 500px what Explore is to Flickr.

All uploads initially land in an area called Fresh, and that is your opportunity to be noticed and gain votes. There are so many upoads that the screen refreshes quickly and it possible to miss being noticed at all so that you image quickly sinks into oblivion for ever.

You seem to have maybe 30 mins to get enough points : 70 to get in the junior showcase area called Upcoming, this gives you more exposure and more time to get points. Maybe an hour here before your time is up.

Anway today’s exercise was an barefaced attempt to get into 500px Popular and it made it there after 30 mins.  Things change quickly and now after 2 hours its being virtually ignored. Hey Ho!

Here it is on 500px   Skye Sci-Fi  on 500px

Thanks for reading!

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